BTS Te Wehenga stocking

This has been a stocking of limits. 

After my launch stocking i learned alot! I learnt that I needed more yarn, to fix things up on the website, that I was not packing orders efficiently, that I needed more dyeing equipment te mea te mea, i knew I needed to do all of this stuff in half the amount of time that I had for the launch. 

The theme for this stocking got me really excited, it provided alot of freedom and I was able to be a bit more expressive. 

I learnt new techniques with outcomes that exceeded my expectations, my clothes rack consistently had yarn drying, my biggest dye day i pushed out 2.8kgs of yarn and filled the rack to the brim. For someone that started selling just a month earlier with a pot that could JUST fit 200g at a time that felt like I was dyeing for the Olympics! (This is where you other dyers can have a laugh!) 

Halfway through stocking i ran out of my main colours, so I had to source some from elsewhere, my wūru ran out so I had to get some express couriered, i accidentally stuck my hands in my dye stock more times then I can count, i now have a dedicated dyeing hoodie (oops!) it was a stocking that pushed limits but I'm so so proud of it! 

Somehow through all of this, I managed to keep on top of my full time job and my kids fed and bathed, I got to guest host a Norwegian Knitting IG account where I was given the freedom to geek out,  I've changed some of the admin side of the business and I think I'm starting to feel like less of a fish out of water. 


He tino mihi ki a koutou katoa! For being on the journey, having a laugh and a shoulder when I needed it!